Remove Special Characters

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How to use Remove Special Characters Online Tool?


Remove Special Character Online Tool" is a simple and effective tool that allows users to easily remove special characters from a string. This tool is particularly useful for text processing and data cleaning tasks, where removing unwanted characters can significantly improve data accuracy and quality.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Simply copy and paste your text into the provided text box.
  • When you paste text into the tool, it will automatically filter the text based on the settings you have chosen.
  • Alphanumeric only: Eliminate all characters that are not alphanumeric from the text.
  • Numeric only: Eliminate all characters that are not numeric from the text.
  • ASCII only: Eliminate all characters that aren't ASCII from the text.
  • Remove spaces: Eliminate all non spaces characters from the text.
  • Keep dot: keep every dot on the specified text.
  • You can copy the results by just click on copy button and it will copy the output in clipboard.
  • You can download the results in text format by just click on download button.


Simply enter the string to be cleaned, and the tool will remove all special characters, leaving only the desired characters. You can also configure the tool to remove specific characters or groups of characters, giving you even more control over the cleaning process. Whether you're a data analyst, a software developer, or simply someone who needs to clean up text data, this online tool is a must-have.